2019 Contestant Membership Application

WARNING: Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, Pursuant to section 13-21-119 Colorado Revised Statutes.

2019 NLBRA- Contestant Membership Application
(2019 season = June 19, 2018 thru June 2019)
2019 age dvision date is as of July 16, 2018.

Personal Information

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Date Of Birth

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Contestant Membership

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Consent to Use Name and Likeness of the above applicant:

As the parent of guardian of this NLBRA member, I understand that the National Little Britches Rodeo Association (NLBRA) web site is designed for promotional and educational purposes. The goal of this service is to provide the membership and public with access to NLBRA information via the web to promote the NLBRA. I also understand that all information including photos on the NLBRA web site can be viewed by anyone in the world with access to the Internet. I further understand that any viewer has the capability to copy images, including pictures and text from the NLBRA web site.
Any member of the NLBRA who enters or otherwise participates in a NLBRA franchised event, shall, as a condition of membership, be deemed to consent of NLBRA ownership of all rights in and to his or her appearance or other involvement therein. If for any reason the child above cannot comply with this policy, please notify the National Office at 1-719-389-0333.

Initials of the contestant's legal guardian
I agree to the terms and conditions
ATTN NEW MEMBERS: We cannot process this application without a copy of contestant's Birth Certificate or Driver's License

All memberships are NON-Refundable and NON- Transferable

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