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2021 News/Forms

Camping and Stalling Info

The 2021 Camping and Stall release will take place on our website March 25 at 9am MST. Look for the picture on the front page, that is your link.

We will post a Camping Availability List by March 15 so you can see what spots will be available online the morning of March 25th.

Camp spots -$300 each

Permanent Barn Stalls- $210 each

Temporary Covered Tent Stalls- $185 each

Outside Perimeter of the Covered Tent Stalls - $210 each

If you get online and all of the camp spots are gone, continue to purchase your stalls (we will not have stalls to sell through the Nat’l Office). Once you’ve got your stalls you can call the office at 719-389-0333 to see if we have some available camp spots that have been recently added that you can purchase over the phone.

If we run out of camping and stalls you will be put on the waiting list in the order that your call was received.


Link to view Camping Maps https://www.nlbra.com/p/newsforms


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