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2021 News/Forms

Camping and Stalling Info

The 2021 Camping and Stall release will take place on our website March 25 at 9am MST. Look for the picture on the front page, that is your link.

We will post a Camping Availability List by March 15 so you can see what spots will be available online the morning of March 25th.

Camp spots -$300 each

Permanent Barn Stalls- $210 each

Temporary Covered Tent Stalls- $185 each

Outside Perimeter of the Covered Tent Stalls - $210 each

If you get online and all of the camp spots are gone, continue to purchase your stalls (we will not have stalls to sell through the Nat’l Office). Once you’ve got your stalls you can call the office at 719-389-0333 to see if we have some available camp spots that have been recently added that you can purchase over the phone.

*Royalty contestants: make sure to purchase your spots online this year, one won’t be assigned to you!

If we run out of camping and stalls you will be put on the waiting list in the order that your call was received.

Early Arrival
is available in all areas this year. To save time at check in you can call the office after your camping/stalls are reserved to prepay. Friday July 2nd and Saturday July 3rd will be early check in days and the fees are $25/camp per night & $20/stall per night


Link to view Camping Maps https://www.nlbra.com/p/newsforms

2021 Finals Information

Finals will be July 5-11. Check in is Sunday the 4th until 3pm.

The 2021 Finals entries will open up May 21st , the last day to enter is on June 18th .


ALL ENTRIES WILL BE DONE ONLINE THIS YEAR. It will be listed under the Rodeo Registration and Sign Up. Make sure you have your login ready. There will not be a paper form available on our website.

Jackpots are done online as well and will payout all 3 of the Go’s.

1st Go 30%, 2nd Go 30% and Short Go40%

TEAM EVENTS: If you are entering in a Team Event don’t forget only one person from the team enters and pays for both contestants, this includes the jackpot. If your partner enters you and that is the only event you are in you will still have to call the Nat’l Office at 719-389-0333 to pay your contestant fees of $49 to be eligible for Finals.

If you need a partner and would like the secretary to put you in her draw, you will need to fill out the paper entry form for that event to enter. Just put need a partner where it requests their name. You can send it with a check or email it back and call with a credit card to pay. Keep in mind, all entries must be received and paid by 4pm on June 18th. You will need to call the Nat’l Office or email points@nlbra.com to get an Entry Form emailed to you.

**If you have multiple contestants that are sharing a horse you can send a quick email to the Finals Secretary faye@nlbra.com.She will do the best she can to avoid any conflicts but it is not a guarantee.

The Extra Items form will be available on our website for the duration of the Finals entries being open. You can fill it out online or complete the paper copy and send payment. It is due June 18th too. It will include admission passes, helpers passes, programs/daysheets, and Royalty luncheon tickets.



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