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Team Equine Discount

Team Equine is a family owned company, established in 1999 by Founder, Elisabeth Oedell and her husband, Steve Oedell. From a lifetime of riding at different levels, Lis believed that it was time to look outside of the "one size fits all” type of pad and develop a line of custom built saddle pads to suit each individual horse and their needs.

Team Equine is hand sewn, family owned and American made. We strive to provide top quality and true excellence.

We appreciate the opportunity serve all our customers and their equine partners, in all disciplines of the equine industry.

Proudly made in Molalla, OR U.S.A.

Team Equine, offers a variety of saddle pad options to fit any horse, made right here in the USA. Not only can you customize the pad to fit the needs of your horse, you can also customize the look and design too!

Check them out at www.teamequine.com and use code NLBRA30 for a discount and to support NLBRA! Part of each purchase goes back to the NLBRA!

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