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Jr. Ironman

NLBRA Board Announces 2020 Jr. Ironman Contestants

National Little Britches Rodeo Association board of director announces contestant selection for the 2020 Junior Ironman.

Senior boys ages 14-19 battled it out in over 500 sanctioned NLBRA rodeos nationwide. The race came to a close at the 2019 Little Britches finals July 2-7 at the Lazy E. After a tough season of competition, the five NLBRA constituents for the 2020 Junior Ironman were reviewed and recommended by the committee and approved by the full board. The young men were chosen on the merits of points accrued in the 5 events, the level of competition and location during the season. These five young cowboy and five more chosen via a selection process through the Lazy E will have their chance at glory and compete at the 4th annual Jr. Ironman Championship, a building ground for young guns who aspire to one day compete at the Timed Event Championships.

Congratulations to:

Denton Good

Rylen Sutherland

Dalton Hartle

Cooper Slavin

Kolton Powel

These 5 contestants will compete in three performances consisting of Heading, Heeling, Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling. This will determine the next champion and winner of the $10,000 in prize money. New to the event year is no limitations on who can be the helper; dad, high school partner, or even a pro may assist these youth competitors.

Kolton Lee Powell

Meet the first of the five Jr. Ironman who qualified via the National Little Britches during the 2018/2010 season.

Full name: Kolton Lee Powell

City and State: Benton, KY

School: Marshall Co High School

How many years competing w the NLBRA? 3 years

How did your family hear about the NLBRA? They just recently started a Kentucky association and we had heard about it through other rodeo families.

Why do you choose to compete in the NLBRA? The opportunities NLBRA offers and I enjoy traveling to other states and competing in their rodeos.

What is your favorite memory from the 2018/2019 NLBRA season? My favorite memory would be making it to the NLBRA Finals at the Lazy E and making it back to the short go in the steer wrestling.

Who is your rodeo/arena hero? My parents because they have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to hauling me up and down the road and being full time chute help.

If you could be better at one thing in the arena, what would that be? How would you do this?

I would like to improve my mental game and being able to block out the nervous feelings. I would do this by being confident and focused enough to not let what the person before me affect how I do.

Cinch Timed Event hero? Chad Masters

Who do you wish you could rope with, haze with or... I wish I could head for Junior Nogueira

If you could steal/borrow a horse from a pro- what event, horse..and pro? Why? I would borrow Tyson Durfey’s calf horse because I like a high caliber horse with lots of try and a big stop.

What are your goals for the Junior Ironman? Naturally I would love to win the entire thing however, if that is not Gods plan for me, I will enjoy the opportunity and make memories and learn from this amazing experience.

What will you do to prep for this event? Most importantly I will make sure my horses and I are in the best shape and physically prepared to preform the best we can. Secondly, I will make sure my roping and steer wrestling basics are up to speed.

Favorite motivational quote or bible verse? “If you ain’t first you’re last” – Ricky Bobby

Words to live by for aspiring young rodeo athletes...

Rodeo is the most rewarding and humbling sport to be involved with. Rodeo isn’t a normal sport it is a way of life and you will receive as much as you’re willing to put into it. Work hard and never let anything stop you from becoming what you want to be.

All around senior boys that are interested competing for a chance to be selected in the 2021 Junior Ironman, visit www.nlbra.com/juniorironman for more information.

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