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Resistol Rookie of the Year

2023 Resistol Little Wrangler Rookie of the Year

Neligh Robinson is a 9 year old from Arapahoe, NE. Neligh is the 2023 Little Wrangler Resistol Rookie of the Year. Neligh competes in barrel racing, pole bending, goat untying, and flag racing. Deuce and Doc are the horses that helped Neligh win this title. "Deuce is my barrel and pole horse and Doc is my other horse that I used for goats and flags. These horses have taught me a lot and are very special to me. I have won many all arounds with these two horses from Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. Deuce my barrel horse got hurt in Rapid, SD last winter and I was unable to use him at the rest of the rodeos. We appreciate our great friends Sillivan's and Wells for letting me borrow their horse to keep going". Winning this title was something truly special to Neligh. "Winning this title was like nothing I have ever won! It was a lot of work with traveling and practice to get this accomplished. I set this goal at the beginning, so it was a great feeling to accomplish it!". Neligh has won several all around titles throughout the year in a variety of states. This year Neligh is moving up to the junior girl division and has many goals, "a few of them are to get qualified in all my events for finals! Once I get to Guthrie for finals my goal there is to have a great finals and make the short go!". In order to be a champion, Neligh believes that you need to work hard everyday even when you do not want to.

Outside of rodeo, Neligh enjoys playing basketball at her school, doing 4H where she shows cattle at the county fair and surrounding shows, she also enjoys seeing her friends and family. "My dad is Clint Robinson, and my mom is Stacey Robinson, I have an older brother named Brigham. My mom and I along with my grandma Julie attend most of the rodeos as my dad and brother usually stay back home to take care of our cattle and our show cattle!".

2023 Resistol Junior Girl Rookie of the Year

Cadie Agner is a 14 year old from Greenville, Florida and is the 2023 Resistol Junior Girl Rookie of the Year. Cadie competes in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, ribbon roping, breakaway roping, and trail course. Cadie has one horse to thank for helping her win this title, "Goose is my main horse and he does it all. He is a 14 year old buckskin AQHA.". Winning this title was amazing to Cadie. "It feels amazing winning this award and getting to represent the NLBRA as the Junior Resistol Rookie of the Year.". Cadie has qualified for the Georgia Junior High School State Finals for the past two years. Cadie has also qualified for the National Junior High Finals Rodeo and competed in the short go in the ribbon roping. Outside of rodeo, Cadie is very active with school events and helping out at her church.

In order to be a champion, Cadie believes that you need to have commitment and stay steady with your practice. She also believes that you need to trust the Lord to help and keep you safe along the way. In the coming years, Cadie would like to college rodeo and make the college rodeo finals like her older sister. Cadie also has the goal of competing at the pro rodeos and qualifying for the NFR one day. Family is huge to Cadie, "Without my family, I wouldn't have won this award. They take me to all of the rodeos and support me. My younger sister even roped some for me in the ribbon roping.".

2023 Resistol Junior Boy Rookie of the Year

Devin Johnson is the 2023 Resistol Junior Boy Rookie of the Year. Devin is 12 years old and from Grantsville, Utah. Devin competes in team roping, ribbon roping, breakaway roping, goat tying, and flag racing. Devin's horses are what made this dream come true. "My horse's names are Trigger (Team Roping), Peanut (Breakaway and Goat horse). My horses play a big part of me competing and winning. Without them I wouldn't have won as many rodeos as I did this year.". Winning this title was a very exciting moment for Devin. "I was excited, it was a cool experience to hear my name announced as the Resistol Rookie of the Year at Nationals. It made all the practice, hard work and dedication worth it and to see it all paid off was awesome. The best part of winning Rookie was winning Rookie of the Year with my older brother Tyler (Bubba) Johnson. Tyler (Bubba) is someone I have always looked up to. He is another reason I won this title, he is one of the best coaches and has helped me from the practice pen to saddling and warming up my horses.". Some of Devin's other accomplishments are qualifying and competing in The Mike Johnson Vegas Tuffest in Las Vegas, NV. Devin won the Hot Round there and won $14,000 when he was 10 years old. Devin competes in the Utah Jr High Rodeo Association where he qualified for state finals in the team roping, breakaway roping, goat tying, and ribbon roping for the last two years. Devin's main goal this year is to qualify for Jr High Nationals, Little Britches Finals, and win a world title.

Family is a huge part of Devin's life. "My family are some of my biggest fans and supporters. My dad, Cody, is my hero. He has been one of the best coaches. My mom, Ashley, is my biggest fan. She has hauled me to many of my rodeos when my dad and older brother would be at a high school rodeo. My older brother, Colby, is married and both him and his wife Sage have been great examples and supporters. Then there is my older brother, Tyler (Bubba), Bubba has been my number one coach, best friend, traveling partner, and one of the best steer and calf pushers. My grandparents love to travel and support both me and my brother at our rodeos, I can't think of very many they have missed. I know that family will always be there to cheer me on and support me in and out of the arena.". When Devin is not at a rodeo, he stays plenty busy. "My family owns and operates a cattle ranch, where we run 500 head of cattle. So, when we are not at a rodeo we are working on the ranch, whether its gathering cows, branding cows, or moving cows there is always work to be done. The family ranch has been in the family for over 100 years, working on the ranch is something we all do as a family. I also play football, I have played for 5 years. My football team has won 3 state championships. My dad owns and operates his own trucking and excavating business and I like to go to work with him and run all the heavy equipment. So, I seem to keep myself busy when I am not in the rodeo arena.".


Adell Evans is an 18 year old that comes to us from Parker, Colorado and is the 2023 Resistol Senior Girl Rookie of the Year. Adell competes in barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying. Without the help of her horses, this would not have been possible, "I have two amazing mates that have been my best friends, partners, teachers, and constant companions through the season. My goat horse, Quatro Jo formally, but "Sweet Tea" is 19 years old and has been my everything since I was 12. My 21 year old barrel and pole horse, Chivato's Girl "Chiva" rescued me from a string of disasters and not only helped my earn this title, but also helped me find my confidence again and taught me more about riding and barrels than I could have ever asked for.". Winning this title was very rewarding and exciting for Adell, "This was the culmination of so much. I truly am a rookie at this. Though I've been around horses since I was small, I am not from a rodeo family. I always dreamed about it, but it wasn't until everything shut down in 2020 that I started to really rodeo at all and boy was there a LOT to learn. I tried other circuits but NLBRA was where I found my home, my confidence, and my people. I had a lot of catching up to do, so I traveled a lot in pursuit of this title. I rodeoed in 6 states, improving my competitiveness throughout the year- but I also made friends at every place I went. This title represents not just the incredibly hard work my mares and I put in, but also the amazing time with my family traveling, the experiences of hauling horses in every type of weather imaginable, and the many amazing relationships I made along the way. I hope to win many more titles, but this one will always ne the very most meaningful to me.".

In the coming years, Adell plans to addend Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. "With the help of my amazing rodeo coach, I hope to continue to grow while college rodeoing. I dream of doing this professionally, successfully some day and being a different beacon of hope for rodeo kids out there that we're not born into this sport. I want to prove that it's possible to get a late start, work hard, learn as much as possible and be successful even with modest means.". Adell's family means more to her than anything else, "I am first generation rodeo in my family, but my parents have dived in completely with me. I have a younger brother that loves my animals but has chose the route of farmer rather than rodeo- so while we are NOW an ag family, we haven't always been. Though in college, my parents still will drive hours and hours to watch my college competitions and continue to support me in every way possible.". In order to be a champion, Adell's advice is, "Making a plan and walking that plan. Planning and working. I've also learned that some of the most valuable assets in this sport are people you trust and that want to see you succeed. A community of supporters is worth more than ever be articulated.".

2023 Resistol Senior Boy Rookie of the Year

Tyler (Bubba) Johnson is the 18 year old from Grantsville, Utah. Tyler is the 2023 Resistol Senior Boy Rookie of the Year. Tyler competes in team roping and tie down roping. Tyler could not have won this title without the help of his horses. "My horses that helped me win this title are Wee Wee (Team Roping, and Banana Jo (Tie Down Roping). I have had my heel horse for 4 years and my calf horse for 1 year. They both have helped me achieve my winnings.". The Resistol Rookie Title was a huge accomplishment for Tyler. "Winning the Resistol Rookie of the Year was cool and one of my biggest accomplishments in rodeo. The best part of winning was winning rookie with my little brother Devin who won the Junior Boy Rookie. We have traveled and went to many rodeos together and we are each other's biggest supporters. It was fun to have my parents and grandparents there as well to support me at Nationals.". Tyler competes in high school rodeo as well, "In high school rodeo, I have qualified and won first or second rounds in both team roping and tie down. I have been in the top 15 in both of my events and qualified for the Silver State International Rodeo in Winnemucca, NV. And I qualified in all events for the Little Britches Nationals.". Tyler graduated from high school this year and is going to be continuing his studies in LaGrange, TX, where he hopes to become a lineman.

Family means everything to Tyler. "My family is my biggest supporters. My dad, Cody has always been there for me whether its pushing my calves and steers, coaching me in the practice pen, or giving me advice on my runs. My mom, Ashley is always in the stands cheering me on and recording my runs so that I can watch and review them on my way home from the rodeos. I don't think she has ever missed a team roping run or a calf run. Colby is my older brother and he is married. Both him and Sage are always there to support me. And then there is my little brother Devin. Devin is one of my best friends, we have traveled, practiced, coached, and helped each other for many years. It was fun to win the Rookie title with him this year. And last but not least, my grandparents, they have traveled, watched and cheered for me for many years. I know if I am competing my family is going to be there to cheer for me and support me.". Tyler stays busy at all times, whether he is rodeoing or not. "My family owns and operates a cattle ranch and my dad owns and operates a trucking and excavating business. So, if we are not out working on the ranch or farming our ground I help my dad with his work. I also enjoy camping, fishing, and hanging out with Grayce (my girlfriend).".
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