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Resistol Rookie of the Year

2023 Resistol Little Wrangler Rookie of the Year

Neligh Robinson is a 9 year old from Arapahoe, NE. Neligh is the 2023 Little Wrangler Resistol Rookie of the Year. Neligh competes in barrel racing, pole bending, goat untying, and flag racing. Deuce and Doc are the horses that helped Neligh win this title. "Deuce is my barrel and pole horse and Doc is my other horse that I used for goats and flags. These horses have taught me a lot and are very special to me. I have won many all arounds with these two horses from Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. Deuce my barrel horse got hurt in Rapid, SD last winter and I was unable to use him at the rest of the rodeos. We appreciate our great friends Sillivan's and Wells for letting me borrow their horse to keep going". Winning this title was something truly special to Neligh. "Winning this title was like nothing I have ever won! It was a lot of work with traveling and practice to get this accomplished. I set this goal at the beginning, so it was a great feeling to accomplish it!". Neligh has won several all around titles throughout the year in a variety of states. This year Neligh is moving up to the junior girl division and has many goals, "a few of them are to get qualified in all my events for finals! Once I get to Guthrie for finals my goal there is to have a great finals and make the short go!". In order to be a champion, Neligh believes that you need to work hard everyday even when you do not want to.

Outside of rodeo, Neligh enjoys playing basketball at her school, doing 4H where she shows cattle at the county fair and surrounding shows, she also enjoys seeing her friends and family. "My dad is Clint Robinson, and my mom is Stacey Robinson, I have an older brother named Brigham. My mom and I along with my grandma Julie attend most of the rodeos as my dad and brother usually stay back home to take care of our cattle and our show cattle!".

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