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USRider 15% Discount

Keeping you on the road and in the saddle!

USRider is the premier equestrian roadside assistance program in the industry.

The USRider® motor plan outperforms other roadside assistance plans by also covering horse vans, tow vehicles, and trailers carrying horses. Most new vehicle roadside assistance plans only cover breakdowns resulting from manufacturing defects and typical programs can leave you stranded if you are towing a trailer – especially with horses.

As one of our great sponsors, USRider is offering a great discount for the NLBRA member families. Head down the road with some comfort knowing you have assistance when needed.

Here is the discount information to help get you to the next rodeo:
NLBRA discount - 15%
Discount code - NLBRA15
NLBRA discount landing page - https://www.usrider.org/nlbra-15/

You can also start with a 2 Month Free Trial:
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