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Date: Apr 07 - Apr 09, 2023
NRS Ranch Arena - 940-627-3949
Amy Story - 405-238-0212.
Format C - 100% of payback of the Event Fee.
AA awards are given after each performance
Fri 9am & 6pm, Sat 9am & 6pm, Sun 9am & 3PM
Entries Close 3/28/23
NLBRA Fee $9
NRS Office Fee $6
Rough Stock- Event fees- $23 Stock charge $37
Steer Wrestling- Event fees- $23 Stock charge $27
Team Roping & Ribbon Roping- Event fee- $23 Stock charge $22
Calf Roping & Breakaway- Event fees $23 Stock charge $22
Goats- Event Fee $23 Stock charge $17
Jr/Sr Barrels, Poles, Flags & Trail- Event Fees $28 Timer fees $12
LW Barrels, Poles & Flags- Event Fees $23 Timer fees $7
Additional Fees Added at Check In:
Gate Fee: $10 per rodeo, per family
Arena Fee: $10 for one rodeo or a $20 maximum if entering two or more rodeos per contestant. (Only pay once per weekend.)

Only cash or credit/debit cards accepted. No checks.
We offer LW Breakaway & Jr Tie Down. Please text 405-238-0212 to enter these events.
Non members please text 405-238-0212 March 28th by 9pm to enter.
Members must enter online.
For stalls & RV Hookups go online to www.nrsworld.com/pages/stalls-and-hookups
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