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Date: Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2023
Kasey Alford Po Box 811 Benton, LA 71006
318-364-7511 deepsouthlittlebritches@yahoo.com
Entry Fee-$15 LW, Jr/Sr $20
Stock-$15 Cattle, $8,Team events, $10 Goats,
Sr Roughstock $55 ,Jr Roughstock $50
NLBRA Fee $10
Arena Fee $10/family
Secretary/Judge fee $6
Non member $25
Entries Close 8/11/23
All rodeos MUST be pre-entered and entries close on the Friday 1 week prior to the rodeo. E-mail late entries to deepsouthlittlebritches@yahoo.com. Late entries will be taken until the Tuesday before the rodeo with a $25 late fee per rodeo. If PayPal payment is not received for entries by Tuesday before the rodeo, there will be a $25 late fee added to your entries. If payment is not received for Stalls/RV by Tuesday before the rodeo, there will be a $25 late fee added as well. Please pay all entry fees & stall/RV payments through the PayPal links on the website. All of these fees will have to be paid before you can participate in the rodeo. New contestants and those entering non-NLBRA events may enter by emailing entries to deepsouthlittlebritches@yahoo.com. Contestants may draw out of an event by emailing draw outs to deepsouthlittlebritches@yahoo.com. Contestants may draw-out without cause by the Tuesday before the rodeo by 5pm, after this time a doctor’s excuse or vet’s excuse will need to be furnished so the contestant will not be charged fees. If an excuse is not furnished before the next rodeo, the fees will be charged and non-refundable. A credit will not be carried forward to the next rodeo.
Main Arena 9:00 AM Roughstock (Rodeo day 1) Chute Dogging (Rodeo day 1) LW Flags (Start time Sunday 9:00 AM) JR Boy Flags LW Poles, JR Poles, Sr Poles LW Barrels, JR Barrels, SR Barrels SR Team Roping, JR Team Roping Steer Wrestling
(After a BREAK, the following events for Rodeo 2 will begin on Saturday afternoon)
Steer Wrestling (Rodeo day 2) SR Team Roping, JR Team Roping (Rodeo day 2) Roughstock (Rodeo day 2) Chute Dogging (Rodeo day 2) Church Sunday 7:30 AM Back Arena 9:00 AM Jr Trail, Sr Trail JR Boy Goats, JR Girl Goats, SR Girl Goats, LW Goats SR Tie Down JR Boy Breakaway JR Girl Breakaway SR Girl Breakaway SR Ribbon Roping, JR Ribbon Roping Calf Riding (Rodeo day 1) Calf Riding (Rodeo day 2)
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