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Date: May 06 - May 07, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM
Kasey Alford Po Box 811 Benton, LA 71006
318-364-7511 deepsouthlittlebritches@yahoo.com
Entry Fee-$10 LW, Jr/Sr $15
Stock-$15 Cattle, $8,Team events, $10 Goats,
Sr Roughstock $35 ,Jr Roughstock $30
NLBRA Fee $9
Arena Fee $10/family
Secretary/Judge fee $6
Non member $25
Entries Close 4/28/23
*Saturday morning’s event schedule will run as normal. At the completion of Saturday’s rodeo, we will be starting Sunday’s rodeo. Please note the following changes in the events:

After team roping and steer wrestling end on Saturday in the front arena, we will begin Rodeo #16 with:

-Steer Wrestling

-Team Roping


-LW & JR Boy Flags.

When Roughstock begins for Rodeo #16, we will start the back arena with:

-Jr Girl Trail

-Sr Girl Trail

-Jr Boy Goats

-Jr Girl Goats

-Sr Girl Goats

-LW Goats

On Sunday, the front arena will begin at 9:00am with poles followed by barrels in their normal order.

The back arena will begin at 9:00am with Sr Boy Tie Down, followed by all breakaway events, and Ribbon Roping.

Format A- Cash Payout
Enter online at www.nlbra.com
Entry fees to be paid through the website deepsouthlittlebritches.weebly.com by Tuesday prior to the rodeo
Stall & RV reservations to be done through website too.
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