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The National Little Britches Rodeo Association along with national sponsor Troxel helmets is pleased to announce NLBRA Team Troxel. Driven by the desire to unify the helmet movement, Troxel and the NLBRA created this very special awards program exclusive to Little Britches members. NLBRA members can nominate themselves to Team Troxel by pledging to wear an ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet at all NLBRA events.

  • NLBRA Team Troxel nominations will be taken on the NLBRA website through 4/10/20.
  • Points will begin accumulating automatically through your placings in the various divisions at NLBRA events FOR THE ENTIRE NLBRA SEASON.
  • Upon joining NLBRA #TEAMTROXEL, members will receive a Troxel sponsor shirt patch pack, special gift and substantial discount code for a new Troxel helmet.
  • Members of NLBRA #TEAMTROXEL will compete to win over 40 division year-end prizes and 5 all around awards based on points earned while competing during the 2019/2020 NLBRA season.
  • If you join the team later in the year points already earned will still be counted towards the #TEAMTROXEL awards.
  • The year-end awards presentation will be presented during the #NLBFR2020.

2019 Divisional Awards

Little Wrangler:

Barrels- Gage Hudson
Flag Racing- Hadlie Olsen
Pole Bending- Gage Hudson
Goat Tail Undecorating- Darlie Jackson

Junior Girls:
Barrels- Brylee Brown
Pole- Micah Wallace
Goat Tying- Alyssa Gary
Trail- Addie Quarnberg
BAW- Haydan Walters
Ribbon Roping- Alyssa Kyle

Senior Girls:
Barrels- Katie Weaver
Poles Kenzie Johnson
Goats- Morgan Girdler
Ribbon Roping- Abby Moore
Trail- Katie Weaver

2019 All Around Awards:
Little Wrangler- Gage Hudson
Jr Girl- Micah Wallace
Sr. Girl- Kenzie Johnson

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