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Top Ranching Heritage Bred Horse

Thank you for nominating your AQHA registered horse for the Top Ranching Heritage bred horse. The award will be presented to the overall highest placing horse that accrues the most points in the Short Round of the 2019 National Little Britches Rodeo Finals. ***Nominated horses must be registered in the competitors name or an immediate family member in order to qualify for the award.

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AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders is a breeder referral program. To become part of the Ranching Heritage Breeders, ranches must be members of AQHA and their ranch remudas must consist of American Quarter Horses, which must be used primarily to work ranch cattle. The ranch must own at least five American Quarter Horse mares that are used to produce the remuda, and the ranch must have received at least an AQHA 10-year breeder award. Ranches that qualify can download this application or call AQHA Customer Service at (806) 376-4811. Ranch Heritage Breeder applicationThe AQHA Ranching Committee and AQHA Executive Committee review the applications. The program cost $25 per year. Ranching Heritage Breeders are entitled to use a special logo on their advertising, and that logo also appears on the AQHA registration certificates of horses bred by Ranching Heritage Breeders. Ranches that are members of the Ranching Heritage Breeders also are eligible to enter their horses in exclusive competitions and sales.
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