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2018 Finals News

Finals Update 03/26/2018

As most of you know the camping and stall release was Thursday March 8th. The national office sold over 520 camp spots and over 1300 stalls in about 8 minutes. Although many of you were unable to get your spots please don't panic. We are busy in the National Office sorting everything out and will begin placing those of you on our waiting list in available spots over the next couple of weeks. We would like to thank you all for all of your patients while we sort through this and someone from our office will be in touch shortly.

Important Upcoming Reminders:
  • The National Finals preparations are well under way. Over the next few weeks please watch for information to be posted about our scholarships. Please pay close attention to the mailing instructions and post mark dates. Each scholarship has it's own requirements.
  • If you have questions about your early arrival requirements or if you still need to get that taken care of prior to your arrival. It is important to remember the early arrival procedures will be strictly enforced this year so we want to make sure you all have all the information needed to ensure you are prepared.

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