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Date: Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2021
Lisa Brantner 7308 FM 2446 Franklin, Tx 77856
832-457-3009 lisabrantner5@gmail.com
Format C
Sat 4pm & Sun 10am
Entry fees- LW $20 Jr $25 Sr $30
Stock- Gts $8, Calves $15, Steers $20 Roughstock $25
Entries Close 2/21/21
Indoor arena with stalls and RV hookups. We do run out of stalls so no tack stalls.
Shavings can be purchased on site and all reservations for stalls and hookups can be messaged to us on the Lonestar Facebook page or texted.
AA awards each weekend to boy and girl of each division. Lonestar members are eligible for a Double J Saddles to the AA winner of each division.
We prefer PayPal method of payment, reach out to us if we don't have your address for invoicing or to arrange another form of payment
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