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Date: Sept 21 - Sept 22, 2019
Lisa Brantner 7308 FM 2446 Franklin, Tx 77856
832-457-3009 lisabrantner5@gmail.com
Format C
Sat 6pm & Sun 10am
Entry fees- LW $20 Jr $25 Sr $30
Stock- Gts $8, Calves $15, Steers $20 Roughstock $25
Entries Close 9/15/2019
Stalls and hookups available, first come, first serve basis.
Double J Saddles will be awarded to the year end All Around Lw Boy & Girl, Jr Boy & Girl, and Sr Boy & Girl. If you become a member of our franchise. More details on our Facebook page in regards to minimum amount of rodeos that must be attended.
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